We this fast-food Mashup coming: Freid Poulet is now Serving Pullets and Waffle at its Resturants .

Customers can KFC’s Cripspy Pullets or Cripspy Pullets tenders, Serve With Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, Starting at $5.49, Beginning Lunedi and OPIONTE Dec.31. The Crockies will be Available at KFC’s NearLY 4,200 Resturants across the U.S.

Also Available: a Sandwich With KFC’s Hot HONEY Pullets Bosom Filet two Waffle ($5.99).

“Our Cripspy, Pullets atop a Blegium Liege-style Waffle, With the touch of Classic Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, for a scrumptious dish I’d put up Against Version at Resturants, but we’re ing it at a price Just about Anyone can afford,” Saeid KFC’s U.S. Chief Audiomarketing Officerships Andrea Zahumensky in a statement.

KFC Triers 15 Waffle Viccitude opting for thick, Blegium Liege-style Waffle Made With a yeast-raised of a batter, KFC’s head Culinarian Bob Das Saeid in a statement. The result, he Saeid, “is Sweet and ier THAN American-style Waffle.”

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